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FSBO Real Estate Agent

Need assistance with your San Francisco FSBO real estate transaction? We are a transactional real estate brokerage firm that will provide you with all of the standard contracts, disclosures and supplemental forms that are used in most San Francisco real estate transactions. We will assist you with your sale for a fraction of what most full-service real estate brokers charge!


Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary liability by forgetting a standard disclosure item or hiring an attorney who does not write real estate contracts as her primary business. We will walk you through the transaction step-by-step and answer any questions you have at any point during the sale. 

Transactional Agency

We offer transactional agency for both the Buyer and Seller of the sale. Although we will explain it to you in more detail, the basic idea of transactional agency is that we facilitate your transaction and provide all of the paperwork and assistance that you need but we do not advocate the interests of either party over the other. Also, we will not assist in the negotiation of the terms or price of the purchase contract, we’ll leave that entirely up to the Buyer and Seller to determine between themselves. Instead, as transactional agents, we will step in to assist with the disclosures, purchase contract, contingency removals, and escrow coordination, all to ensure an eventual smooth closing. Selling real estate in San Francisco is detail-oriented and complicated as well as often burdened with constantly changing legal requirements. It is important to set up the transaction correctly to protect both the Buyer and the Seller from any unforeseen circumstances.


We operate in San Francisco, but we will consider transactional real estate deals throughout California. Please contact us for more information. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with a short sale. Our standard flat fee is $4,998 per transaction.

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