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Stokely Marcus is a full-service renovation management company and real estate brokerage firm. We design and manage the construction of major projects in the city of San Francisco. Our team manages both residential and commercial renovations with a focus on contemporary design.


At Stokely Marcus, we strive to create distinctive, beautiful properties. Equally important is the process that takes us to that goal. Our team is capable of handling every aspect of the renovation, including architectural consulting, planning, engineering, inspections, permits, interior and exterior design, lighting design, and project management.


Our experience and relationships enable us to source high quality materials and finishes from the top providers for an affordable cost. Clients and investors are able to be as involved or as hands off as they like. On a regular basis we provide detailed information on timeline, budget and progress with the renovation. Every project and our style of management is tailored to the needs of the client.


Stokely Marcus specializes in San Francisco. We are inspired by the beauty of this city, and we have an excellent understanding of the codes, trends and unique challenges that arise here. Every project presents an opportunity for us to create a distinctive space while achieving our client’s vision. We are passionate about what we do, and our beautiful renovations and our happy clients and investors are a testament to that.

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